Cornwall Street’s Jonathan Storey (instructed by Lynne Hardy of the National Education Union) has this week secured the acquittal of a teacher charged by her regulator with using unreasonable force against a student in the North East of England. The hearing, which took place before a professional conduct panel convened by the Teacher Regulation Agency, involved live evidence from the school’s Assistant Principal (an eyewitness) and its Vice Principal (the investigating officer) and CCTV footage which captured the incident in full, and some contested legal issues relating to the regulator’s use of opinion evidence.

At the end of a four day hearing, the panel made no findings in relation to some of the regulator’s allegations and accepted Jonathan’s submissions that the teacher’s remaining proven conduct did not amount to unacceptable professional conduct or conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute. His client is therefore free to continue her career of nearly 30 years, with an unblemished reputation.

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