Cornwall Street’s Jonathan Storey, instructed by the National Education Union, has helped to preserve the career of another teacher accused of serious misconduct by his regulator, the Teaching Regulation Agency.

The teacher, a member of senior management at a school in the South West of England, admitted an allegation that he failed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries and engaged in an inappropriate relationship with several students, including by sending some a large number of highly inappropriate text messages and emails, and meeting up with one outside school during a school holiday.

At the end of his hearing, during which the teacher himself gave extensive oral evidence, the panel charged with deciding his case accepted his evidence and Jonathan’s detailed submissions in mitigation that a combination of factors had “left him overwhelmed”. The panel wrote in its published decision that the teacher “has developed insight into his failings and was confident that he will continue to reflect upon how to maintain professional boundaries”, and accepted Jonathan’s submission that “there was a strong public interest consideration in retaining the teacher in the profession”. The Secretary of State for Education therefore accepted the panel’s recommendation that it was not necessary to impose on him a Prohibition Order. The case has since been widely reported in the national, specialist and local press.

Jonathan is a specialist practitioner in the field of professional regulation and works regularly with teachers, nurses, doctors, and other professionals facing disciplinary proceedings at all stages from initial referral to appeal. His approach combines persuasive advocacy with highly personalised and compassionate advice and expert support throughout the life of a case.