We are pleased to welcome Simon Bradshaw back to full-time practice after a 3-month sabbatical he took to help complete his studies towards an MSc in Forensic Engineering and Science. Simon has been studying part-time at Cranfield University’s Forensic Institute since 2017, with the aim of building on his existing engineering and legal qualifications and experience to develop his practice in construction, engineering and technical disputes. He has completed modules in forensic ballistics, air accident investigation and the examination of art fakes and forgeries. Most recently his MSc dissertation, carried out during his sabbatical, has focused on the scientific analysis of a painting believed to date from early 17th century,

Simon expects to formally graduate in 2020, but is available now to be instructed in disputes where his studies make him unusually well-qualified to comment on or challenge expert witness evidence regarding engineering failures, industrial or transport accidents, or art provenance. He is also available to be instructed in inquests where such technical issues arise.

For clerking enquiries regarding such work, or for Simon’s wider practice in business and property law and in family trusts and inheritance, please contact Matt Fleming on m.fleming@cornwallstreet.co.uk or 0121 233 7500.