Written by Olivia Appleby, Second Six Pupil

Although I am nearing the end of my second six, it seems as though it was only yesterday that I started on my feet, the time has gone so quickly!

I have been enjoying a mixed practice of Crime, Civil and Family, which has enabled me to perform in a variety of court settings. This has been invaluable as it is only when you start out on your own that you really get to know your Tribunal. I have also found it to be a real confidence boost when managing different Court environments – having being well versed in the Magistrates and County Courts, my first appearance in the Crown Court felt much less daunting.

There is a different dynamic from first six to second six in that whilst you have the freedom to manage your own practice, this can often mean late nights and early mornings. It took me a little bit of time to find a working style that suited me, as everyone is different.

Whilst it has been a steep learning curve, the support that I have received from other Members of Chambers has been unparalleled. Whether it’s a quick phone call to run through your opinion on a case, or something deeper, there is always someone to help.

The benefit of pupillage at Cornwall Street is just that. The sense of community and camaraderie in our common room at lunch time is like nothing else, not least because of the daily “The Times” quiz that we answer as a group!

Although being a pupil requires a lot of hard work and dedication, I have of course enjoyed the many social events that have been in the calendar of late! I have enjoyed attending both the Birmingham and Wolverhampton Law Society Dinners, and more recently our Chambers New Year’s Party. As ever, these social events are the perfect opportunity to move the gallows sense of humour that is so often heard in the robing rooms, to the dance floor.

Over the coming weeks, I will be preparing my application for tenancy at Cornwall Street. This, for many pupils, feels like the final bridge of uncertainty to cross. However, given the unfaltering support and kindness shown to me from chambers over the last year, I cannot imagine wanting to be anywhere else.