Rebecca Chalkley recently discussed private prosecutions with The Law Society Gazette in a piece entitled “Are private prosecutions getting out of control, or do we need more?”

Rebecca explained that public prosecutions are not as well-resourced than private prosecutions. When asked about the issue of prosecution costs, she said: “because the CPS has to ‘do it on the cheap because of a lack of resources’… should not mean that private prosecutors are not entitled to recover a reasonable proportion of their costs.”

Private prosecutions are often funded by businesses or high-net-worth individuals; “it will not be the big multinationals that are deterred by the costs cap. It will be smaller businesses, charities and individuals, who have already been let down by the state, which has denied them a public prosecution, who will be further let down as a private prosecution will not be open to them.” Rebecca stated.

You can read the full article in the The Law Society Gazette.