Peter Glenser QC has been instructed to prosecute in the murder case of two women of Belle Walk, Moseley.

Tamer Moustafa, 40, killed his wife Nelly Moustafa, 43, at their family home of which they shared with their four children.

Whilst high on cocaine and other drugs, he also killed his next-door neighbour Zahida Bi, 52, as she was in her garage.

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court heard that Mr Moustafa “could not accept” his marriage was coming to an end and held beliefs his wife had been unfaithful to him, although no proof of this has been shown to the court.

Peter Glenser QC stated to the jury “he was a controlling man who limited his wife’s freedom. He simply couldn’t accept the marriage was over and he killed her in a drug-fuelled attack.”

Moustafa is appearing from a hospital in Birmingham via video link. He denies murder but has been admitted to two charges of manslaughter.

The trial entered it’s seventh day today, on Tuesday 24th November 2020.

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