In a two-day trial at Stafford Crown Court, Olivia-May Appleby prosecuted a defendant who had been charged with two counts of burglary.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the first count of theft from a Scout hut, but pleaded not guilty to the second count of theft from a shed located at a property located next door to the first theft.

The evidence presented to the jury included an article of clothing from the shed which was found in the defendant’s bedroom by police.

The defendant had previous convictions and was known as a “career burglar”.

After the second count was read, it took the jury 40 minutes to convict the burglar guilty on both counts. He was sentenced to 27 months.

Olivia has developed a strong criminal practice both prosecuting and defending. She is regularly instructed on a variety of matters in the Crown Court, including Jury Trials, PTPH, Appeals, Sentences and a range of applications.