Naomi was instructed to represent a client who wished to remove the children to Lebanon for holidays throughout the duration of their minority. This application was opposed by the other side on the basis there were concerns about the stability of Lebanon and the children should not be placed at risk of harm. There were also disputes regarding the child arrangements for the children: there was an application to enforce the child arrangements order and an issue regarding handovers which required adjudication.

There had been a number of case management hearings spanning a period of over a year when the case came before the High Court.

At the hearing, Naomi convinced the High Court that the client should be given permission to remove the children for a period two weeks on the basis that a penal notice was attached to a prohibited steps order ensuring the safe return of the children to the jurisdiction.

In relation to the further disputed issues surrounding the child arrangements, Naomi was also successful in convincing the Court of her client’s position.