Megan Fletcher-Smith, instructed by Sarah Roberts of The Purkiss Partnership, secured an acquittal in a 4 day aggravated burglary trial at Exeter Crown Court this week.

Megan’s client was alleged to have entered his former partner’s home with a knife, in the early hours of the morning and stolen an iPad. The evidence included a voice recording of events inside the address, and her client accepted having a knife about his person when he entered the property, albeit that it was not in his hand, as alleged.

Megan was able to demonstrate in cross-examination that the evidence of her client entering the property as a trespasser was weak; as was the evidence of his intention to permanently deprive his former partner of the iPad.

After an hour and 15 minutes of deliberations, the jury returned unanimous not guilty verdicts on both aggravated burglary, and the alternative of simple burglary.