A “high valued” RAF medic, represented by Kellie Enever through excellent mitigation, received a fine for a “grossly misjudged” office prank that amounted to sexual assault on a colleague.

SAC Wilson squeezed the left breast of a colleague as she was walking past and then squeezed the right breast as she walked back past as part of a joke. Judge Hill, sitting at Bulford Military Court, fined the client £800 and £400 for each offence.

Mitigating, Kellie Evener told the Court the offence involved no “skin to skin” contact and added “The victim has been very gracious and even said she did not want this to be taken further. However, it was and we are where we are. SAC Wilson can no longer work in the medical environment she was in. She had also wanted to train as a paramedic, but now cannot as she must notify people of the convictions.”

“She is certainly highly valued by the RAF. They have supported her and retrained her as a steward because they recognise the skills this young women has to offer. She has served significantly, including in Afghanistan.”

Lieutenant Colonel Harry Mynors prosecuting said “I have been told the RAF are keen to retrain her in the service”.

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