At the Court of Appeal, Kellie Enever appeared before Lord Justice Popplewell, Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb and the Honorary Recorder of Bristol, HHJ Blair QC for an (expedited) appeal against sentence.

The Appellant was appealing against a 24-month sentence that had been imposed at Oxford Crown Court for an offence of actual bodily harm (ABH). The plea entered was on a written basis, which was not contested by the Respondent at the time of sentence.

At sentence, it was agreed by all parties that the offence fell into Category 2 of the SCG’s and would attract a starting point of at 26 weeks, with the possibility of moving up into Category 1 to account for any statutory aggravating factors. The sentencing Judge took a contrary view, with a starting point of 3 years. 

At the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Popplewell indicated that having read the grounds and advice, there was a consensus that this was a case that merited a sentence of 12 months, taking account of all the factors. 

The appeal was allowed. 

Kellie Enever has 17 years of practice and experience after initially qualifying as a Solicitor and then a Solicitor Advocate working for top ranked, Legal 500 criminal firms. She subsequently cross-qualified to the Bar to become a Barrister in 2017.