Julian Lynch successfully defended Jeremy Holness who was accused of the attempted murder of his ex-partner. 

The defendant was said to have lured his ex-partner to meet him by stealing her dogs and then offering to return them. When they met he was alleged to have repeatedly slashed her neck and face with a bottle in an attempt to kill. He ran from the scene and was detained by passers by while still covered in blood. Mr Holness had no memory of the incident and was unable to advance any particular account of events that evening. 

The Jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court unanimously acquitted Mr Holness of attempted murder after deliberating for around two hours. 

The Defendant had previously pleaded guilty to s18 wounding of his ex-partner as well as other linked offences. He received a total sentence of 6 years’ 5 months’ custody for those matters. 

Mr Lynch was instructed by David Coles of Owen Nash and Co solicitors. He was assisted throughout by Cornwall Street South’s pupil, Ms Emma Richards.