Cornwall Street’s Jonathan Storey has helped a GP from the North West of England avoid erasure despite a finding that he had assaulted a colleague at his surgery.

The doctor faced a large number of other charges relating to serious dishonesty, bullying and clinical errors, but the only finding of serious misconduct made by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal related to an assault that it found he carried out on a member of surgery staff.

The hearing, which lasted nearly four weeks, involved live expert evidence on clinical and technological issues as well as extensive witness and documentary evidence and a number of legal issues. The Tribunal concluded that the doctor’s fitness to practice was impaired following its assault finding, but rejected the GMC’s submissions that erasure was the only appropriate sanction and instead imposed a suspension order of four months.

Jonathan is a specialist practitioner in the field of professional regulation and works regularly with teachers, nurses, doctors, and other professionals facing disciplinary proceedings at all stages from initial referral to appeal. His approach combines persuasive advocacy with highly personalised and compassionate advice and expert support throughout the life of a case.