At Warwick Crown Court, last week, Charles Crinion successfully prosecuted Kyle O’Sullivan, a high-profile vegan blogger and rapper. Amiee Parkes, instructed by Sarginsons Solicitors in Coventry, defended O’Sullivan. Mr O’Sullivan, who has tens of thousands of followers on Youtube, was sentenced to 16 months custody for breaching a restraining order and stalking his ex-partner, Catherine Kendall.

Mr Crinion told the Court that in February 2019 O’Sullivan had been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for harassing Miss Kendall and a restraining order prohibiting contact with her imposed. Weeks after his release from this sentence, O’Sullivan met Miss Kendall by chance at a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Coventry. He then began calling Miss Kendall obsessively, sometimes making up to 50 calls a day. In one phone call O’Sullivan told Miss Kendall he was going to kill himself and this was her fault. Shortly afterwards Miss Kendall heard that O’Sullivan had been involved in a car accident with his new girlfriend.

Amiee Parkes, defending O’Sullivan, explained to the court there had been mutual contact between the parties but accepted on his behalf that this contact should not have happened.

This case received considerable local press coverage and was reported in the Daily Mail, Birmingham Mail, Coventry Live and Metro.