Cornwall Street Barristers’ Faye Edwards has been lending her time and expertise to students with L&R Virtual Advocacy Competitions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

L&R Virtual Advocacy Competitions is a student-led society that has been running a range of legal competitions throughout lockdown and are continuing to provide students with opportunities to develop the necessary skill set for the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) and beyond.

Lockdown and the result of the Covid-19 pandemic has placed restrictions on social interaction that have left many current students without the ability to undertake essential skill building exercises such a mini-pupillages, face-to-face competitions such as mooting, plea in mitigation’s and other legal applications that need to be practised in order to pass the BPTC and ultimately secure pupillage. With the assistance of Barristers all across the country to judge and assist these students, these competitions have been able to go ahead virtually and online with the use of technology.

The success of these competitions has been due in no small part to the fantastic effort by all involved to adjust to the new normal and lessen the impact of Covid-19 on the next cohort of pupils. Faye Edwards commented: “It has been a pleasure to assist and judge L&R’s Virtual Plea in Mitigation competition and I would encourage any student seeking to pursue a career at the Bar to sign up to further competitions via their LinkedIn page“.