With homelessness being such a pressing concern both nationally and locally, our Chambers Administrator/Chief Executive’s EA and Birmingham Law Society member Ellie Benjamin was privileged to be the Cornwall Street Barristers’ volunteer supporting the President of the Birmingham Law Society’s nominated charity, SIFA Fireside.

SIFA support individuals in their recovery from the effects of homelessness, social exclusion and attitudinal barriers. They offer an amazing service to the Birmingham community in providing an adult support hub, tenancy services and medical assistance at their Drop-In Centre at their hub in Digbeth.

Huge thanks to Eppie, Joy, Sarah and Penny for guiding the volunteer team (Shona Betts – Birmingham Law Society, Tom Anthony – St Philips Chambers and Sam Collins – 3PB Barristers). Our focus was to assist with food distribution and Ellie met so many fantastic individuals, all having distinct narratives and motivations for seeking assistance.

The beautiful part of volunteering was learning more about homelessness within out community. Ellie was thrilled to be able to participate in this praiseworthy initiative and while we can’t reverse their circumstances, we can lend our support and assist SIFA Fireside in giving homeless individuals a warm and welcoming experience.