We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Juliet Hearne and Kellie Enever as our next joint Deputy Heads of Chambers, a role that has been vacant since David Swinnerton was appointed to the Circuit Bench last year.

Juliet Hearne is based out of our Birmingham office and will be stepping down as Head of our Family Team to take on the new role. Kellie Enever is based out of our Oxford office and practises in Crime and Military Law. Both came to the Bar through more unconventional routes as both were Solicitors before transferring to the Bar.

This is the first time Chambers will have two Deputy Heads of Chambers in it’s 50 years history as we look to support future growth at our Chambers post-pandemic. It is also the first time we have had two females in post and we are delighted of their appointment as it shows our continuing commitment to support women and equality at the Bar and in our workplace.