Amiee Parkes, Instructed by GC Law Ltd, successfully defended a man alleged to have caused grievous bodily harm with intent.

It was alleged that the Defendant had gone to the home address of the male with an unknown 3rd person and attacked him in his shed causing very serious injuries namely 4 broken ribs, extensive bruising and a punctured lung. As the Defendant he was said to have used racist language.

Amiee’s careful preparation of the case allowed her to cross-examine the witnesses to great effect; exposing significant inconsistencies in the Crown’s evidence including the fact that the injuries were caused by the unknown 3rd party.

At the end of the prosecution case, Amiee submitted a detailed skeleton argument setting out why there was no case to answer on Count 1, section 18 GBH as despite this being a joint enterprise the Crown had not proved the intent to cause really serious harm. The Judge agreed and the application was successful leaving Count 2, section 20 as the only count for the jury to consider.

After a 3 day trial at Worcester Crown Court the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.