Megan Fletcher-Smith, instructed by Marilena Di Vitantonio & assisted by Jennifer Clark, both of GC Law Ltd, successfully defended a young man alleged to have caused grievous bodily harm with intent, actual bodily harm, criminal damage and to have had in his possession an offensive weapon, namely an axe.

It was alleged that the defendant had attended a property in Hereford, whereupon he had broken a window and used an axe to assault a male; causing a serious injury to his cheek which exposed the inside of his mouth

He was also alleged to have assaulted a female with the axe at the same property, causing actual bodily harm.

As a part of the background to the case, it was further alleged that the defendant had been engaging in stalking-like behaviour towards the female over a significant period of time, and that his actions were therefore borne of jealousy and anger.

Megan’s careful preparation allowed her to cross-examine the witnesses to great effect; exposing lacunas and significant inconsistencies in the Crown’s evidence, missed opportunities to identify alternative potential suspects as a result of investigative failings, and inherent weaknesses in the expert cell-site evidence.

After a 5 day trial at Worcester Crown Court, in which no evidence was called on behalf of the defence, the jury returned not guilty verdicts on all counts, within an hour.

Megan’s client and his family expressed their appreciation for her clear advice, fearless advocacy and for her support through the difficult trial process.

Megan is 2015 Call and practises in both Crime and Professional Regulation. View her profile here.