Stephen Cadwaladr


Called 1992



Stephen Cadwaladr was called to the Bar in 1986 but then practised as a solicitor from 1988 to 1992 before joining Cornwall Street in that year. Having quickly built a busy practice in his chosen fields of general and regulatory crime, he has continued to develop in those areas, accepting briefs for the prosecution and defence in accordance with the cab rank rule, of which he is a fierce defender.


  • General Crime
  • Courts Martial

Reluctantly accepting the label of ‘senior junior’, Stephen’s practice has become characterised by serious and complex cases. Typically now, he is instructed to appear in cases where the allegations are of serious violence including homicide, rape and other serious sexual offences (frequently allegations of historic sex abuse), robbery, drugs conspiracies and a wide range of dishonesty offences, including fraud. He appears regularly in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal, Criminal Division.


  • Environmental Law
  • Regulatory Offences
  • Trading Standards

Throughout his career at the Bar Stephen has continued to appear in Magistrates’ and Crown Courts in regulatory criminal cases. He has prosecuted for the RSPCA, various local authorities and the Environment Agency in proceedings against defendants from individuals to multinational corporations involving, by way of example, water and air pollution.

Recent instructions have included the defence of a construction company accused under health and safety legislation of causing the release of asbestos fibres in a primary school.