Hassan Sarwar

Barrister | Called 2010

Hassan Sarwar


Hassan is an experienced barrister with a robust approach at Court and a friendly manner with clients. He is detail focused and a strong advocate, working exclusively on financial remedy claims in divorce.

He has successfully appeared in cases on the appellate level, and in the High Court Chancery division in relation to trusts disputes.

He aims to provide a quick turnaround on any written work and for any advice to be put in a concise and practical manner.

He seeks to provide an excellent level of service to professional and lay clients.

Hassan‘s expertise


Hassan’s practice is exclusively made up of financial remedy claims in divorce.

Hassan has acted for business owners, professionals, and individuals with significant inherited assets amongst many others. His practice spans from “needs” cases to assets worth multi-million pounds.

He gives pragmatic advice to clients, with a primary focus on securing a positive outcome. Hassan is able to explain legal concepts surrounding financial remedy proceedings in a straightforward and friendly manner. He enjoys the cut and thrust of a final hearing and will put forward robust arguments in support of his client’s position.

He is experienced in cases involving interveners, trusts, arguments of non-disclosure, litigation conduct, overseas assets, ancestral farms, inherited assets, spousal maintenance, business valuations, non-matrimonial property, and pension disputes.

Recent cases include:

K v A, proved a trust deed purporting to hold the beneficial interest of a property on behalf of a family member was a sham, awarded costs.

B v S, in a case marked by non-compliance of one party with overseas assets in a non “needs” case, obtained 90% of the disclosed assets with adverse inferences drawn from non-disclosure, and obtained an uplift for litigation conduct.

B v B, entirely protected his client’s inherited assets of circa £2m in a medium length marriage with a child.

D V D + 2, protected assets held on behalf of interveners on a resulting & constructive trust basis where properties held in a party to the marriage’s name, in a case with 11 properties subject to dispute.

G v G, obtained a clean break on the sharing principle following a long marriage, defeating a claim for spousal maintenance where his client had a gross income in excess of £1m per annum and partner was not in employment.

K v K, retained family home following a medium length marriage on a needs basis in a departure from equality on capital for his client, plus awarded spousal maintenance payments.


“I couldn’t have wished for better, more professional advice and representation than that offered by Mr. Sarwar. He brought a clarity and confidence that helped not only my case, but the smooth running of proceedings for all concerned.”

“Very good outcome yesterday, very pleased and very impressed with Hassan’s efforts. Very nice man and very professional and reassuring! I don’t think we’d have got anywhere near where we did without him.”

Can I express my gratitude, Hassan was, once again, brilliant and an absolute pleasure to work with.

“I wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for allocating Hassan Sarwar to my case.

“Not only did he accept the case at short notice over the Christmas break, and took time to consider all the papers and discuss the case with me(and the client) before today’s hearing but he has achieved the unachievable and managed to persuade the world’s most difficult client to settle.”

“A terrific job and I shall certainly be instructing Hassan again.”

“I cannot express how grateful I am for your all your efforts in yesterday’s hearing. I think it’s fair to say we had an amazing result. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome – I am so glad I choose the best barrister to support my case”

“I couldn’t have asked for a more efficient and brilliant barrister. Anything l say would be way short of how wonderful a barrister Mr Hassan Sarwar has been”

“Your preparation was meticulous and your representation was outstanding and some of the best cross-examination and submissions I have ever come across and that is saying something”