Janner QC

Barrister (Door Tenant) |
Called 1980 | Silk 2002 |
Public Access Accredited

Daniel Janner QC


Daniel Janner QC is an experienced criminal silk with a wide-ranging practice and a highly successful track record.

He is qualified to accept instructions directly from clients under the Bar Council Public Access Scheme.

He has been an editor of the Criminal Appeal Reports since 1994.

He has been called to the Cayman Islands Bar and has been instructed by the International Criminal Court.

He was educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge where he was elected President of the Cambridge Union Society in 1978.

Daniel’s expertise


Criminal law:  Including homicide; sexual offences; fraud; drugs and firearm offences. Daniel advises clients pre-charge and throughout the criminal proceedings.

Disciplinary law:  Including representing doctors before the General Medical Council.

Promient cases include

– Heysel Stadium football extraditions.

– Knightsbridge Safety Deposit box robbery.

– Oyston and Martin rape trials.

– French Student murder trial.

– “Happy Slap” murder trial.

– London City Bond fraud trial.

– Rodley “Lord of Fraud” trial.

– McGrath corruption and money laundering trial.

– Cleeve Prior missing body murder trial.

– Gouldbourne Cayman Islands murder trial.

– Howeson historic sexual offences trial

Crime - Notable Cases

Daniel has had extensive experience arguing cases in the Court of Appeal stemming from his editorship of the Criminal Appeal Reports and direct access.  His appellate work includes:

Irvine [2020]

Appeal against sentence in relation to public schoolboy convicted of burglary with intent to commit sexual offences.

Boxer [2019]

Appeal against conviction and sentence in relation to a teacher alleged to have sexually abused pupils.

Egboujor [2019]

Appeal against conviction and sentence in relation to a Bishop convicted of sexual offences against his congregant.

RP [2019]

 Conviction appeal based on inconsistent evidence of child victim of sexual abuse.

Patten [2018]

 Successfully overturned appeal in relation to jury irregularity.

Howeson [2018]

 Appeal against conviction based on the unfairness of the judge’s summing up.

Lonnie Smith [2016]

Conviction appeal based on the definition of conspiracy.

Dr Arowojolu [2016]

Conviction overturned in relation to the wrongful admission of bad character evidence.


Malone [2020]

Defendant struck victim on head with iron bar.  Victim died 3 years later.

Rooney [2018]

Reading murder trial involving travellers in a pub.

Fowler [2016].

Defendant killed a neighbour during an argument over noise in the flat below.

Gouldbourne [2016]

Cayman Islands: diminished responsibility trial.

Crompton [2015]

Killing during the course of a burglary.

French student murder trial [2015].

Student strangled to death by defendant.

Andrea Burke [2014].

Attempted murder trial involving shooting.

Swayne: [2014]

Fight between two alcoholics.  Defendant acquitted of murder; but convicted of manslaughter

Lee Barrett murder trial [2012]

Represented Derico Smith aged 20 who was acquitted of the knife murder but convicted of manslaughter.  He was the nephew of the champion boxer, Pat Barrett.

Missing body: Cleeve Prior trial [2011]

Represented Matthew Taylor who was charged with murder of Jesse Richards in the Midlands missing body trial at Cleeve Prior.  Taylor was acquitted of the murder but convicted of manslaughter.

Nguyen [2008]

Contract killing trial.

RS [2007]

Represented a 17 year old girl acquitted of both murder and manslaughter.


Represented S who was 19 year old charged with the murder of his mother and two siblings by setting his house alight in Coventry.  He was found guilty of manslaughter but not guilty of murder.

Brima [2004]

Street stabbing identification trial.

Ascot murder trial [2003]

Sexual offences

Ward [2021]

Sexual abuse of children. Trial pending.

AI [2020]

Indecent images trial.

Jones [2019]

Successfully defended teacher accused of historic sexual allegations against a pupil.

Patten [2019]

Rape trial following successful appeal.

Howeson [2018]

Naval officer sexual abuse trial.

Dr A [2016]

Doctor successfully acquitted of indecent assault.

DF [2016]

Birmingham incest trial.  Defendant acquitted.

Green [2016]

Former headmaster acquitted of allegations against former pupils.

 Fraud and financial crime

Lonnie Smith [2011-2014]

Multi-million pound VAT and loan agreement fraud.

Rodley [2012]

“Lord of Fraud” banking fraud involving over £200 million.

Gillespie [2011]

Counterfeit medicines fraud.

Darienzo [2008]

£20 million VAT fraud.

Cotton [2008]

Ponzi fraud committed by a financial advisor.

McGrath [2007]

Former Deputy Leader of Preston Council.  Fraud and drugs trials.

London City Bond trial [2003]