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Public Access Accredited

Christopher O’Gorman


Having completed pupillage in London, Chris spent 8 years teaching in Higher Education (University of Leeds, University of Wolverhampton, visiting lecturer at University of Leicester).  His specialisms were Criminal Law, Evidence and the Law of Torts.

Chris was lured back into practice in 1997, ultimately joining 6 Fountain Court (later to become Cornwall Street Barristers) in 2001.  Chris has been a member of the Criminal team since joining and is also a member of the Regulatory team.

Chris is Public Access Accredited


  • LLB (Hons), University of Sheffield (1987)
  • LLM (Sports Law and Practice), De Montfort University, Leicester (2014)

Christopher‘s expertise

Criminal Law

Although a Grade 3 prosecutor, and having dealt with serious sexual and violent offences for the CPS, Chris has always predominantly defended. Defending all forms of serious crime, including murder, attempted murder, serious sexual violence and county lines drugs conspiracies.  Chris specialises in representing vulnerable and young defendants charged with serious offences in the Crown Court. He has also acted on sports-related crimes including on-and off field violence, doping and illegal betting offences.

Immigration Law

Chris’ entrance into immigration law arose from a twofold interest in geopolitics and over 20 years in criminal practice. During the latter, he has defended in a number of people-trafficking trials, and trials involving features of illegal immigration, such as passport and visa offences. He is interested in deportation and extradition, asylum, and Article 8 issues.

Regulatory Law
  • Education

Chris has represented teachers in disciplinary proceedings as well as safeguarding in education and sport.

  • Sports Law

A member of the British Association for Sport and Law, Chris obtained his LL.M in Sports Law and Practice in November 2013. He specialises in sports-related crime (such as on- and off-field violence, drugs offences, bribery, betting and ticketing offences) and related disciplinary matters. He recently secured the acquittal of a winning participant in a cycling competition accused of assaulting a fellow competitor.

Other areas of his practice include Tradimg Standards, Proceeds of Crime (representing third parties), personal injury claims arising out of participation in and attendance at sporting events, licensing, and agents.


Notable Cases

Murder/Attempted Murder/Manslaughter:

  • R v AB (murder, baby shaking/brain trauma, client vulnerable 16 year old, convicted of manslaughter).
  • R v AB (murder, baby shaking/brain trauma, client vulnerable 16 year old, convicted of manslaughter).
  • R v GG (attempted murder by arson)
  • R v LG (acquitted of murder, convicted of manslaughter)
  • R v KY (attempted murder, extremely vulnerable client, aged 14)
  • R v NB (attempted murder, client with serious psychiatric issues, suffering from psychosis at time of offence)
  • R v SD (murder, client with serious mental health problems)
  • R v EB (manslaughter of young daughter through consumption of heroin, convicted of child neglect)
  • R v MM (manslaughter of 10 year old daughter by mother victim of serious domestic abuse)
  • R v MH (manslaughter of 16 year old by client who was also 16 at the time, stopped after submission of no case to answer)
  • R v NC (attempted murder, client 16 at time of offence, with significant learning difficulties, pleaded guilty to s18 offence, acquitted of attempted murder).

Serious violence/sexual offences:

  • R v CH (conspiracy to rob, client 15 at time of offences, 17 at time of sentence, which was significantly reduced by Court of Appeal).
  • R v AW (arson, client vulnerable due to substance abuse and years of domestic abuse).
  • R v GH (rape of 12 year old brother by client, 16 at time, 21 at trial, both with serious learning difficulties, client acquitted).
  • R v LG (attempted child abduction by client with serious mental health and communication difficulties).
  • R v JB (section 18 wounding with firearm, client 15 at time, 17 by trial, significant mental health problems, acquitted).
  • R v RG (armed robbery of bookmakers, live firearm, client 17 at time of trial).
  • R v LF (armed robbery of security van, car jacking, firearm, witness intimidation, NG verdicts).


  • R v DD (people trafficking through port of Hull).
  • R v SS (trafficking of child from Bangladesh by vulnerable defendant).
  • R v AD (multi-million £ conspiracy to steal artefacts from museums and auction houses).
  • R v CM (violent disorder at Premier League football match, acquitted)
  • R v CA (assault arising from tackle during football match).
  • R v Parkes and Cartwright (Court of Appeal guidance on football banning orders).
  • R v CB (client acquitted of assaulting fellow competitor after mountain biking championships event).
  • Re H Ltd, BP and GP (prosecuted first-time POCA application by local authority arising from convictions for running unlicensed scrapyards).
  • R v RG (s10 POCA intervention on behalf of mother of D convicted of Class A drug dealing).
  • R v PP (s10 POCA intervention on behalf of estranged wife of D convicted of fraud).

Safeguarding Panel Member, UK Athletics.

Member of Legal Advice Service for Safeguarding Case Management Programme (Sports Resolutions).

Chambers Gray’s Inn Liaison.

Articles and Publications

“Trafficking in Steroids: A Bridge Too Far” (December 2012)

Professional Memberships
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • British Association for Sport and the Law
  • The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn
  • Safeguarding Case Management Programme Legal Advice Service (Sports Resolutions)

Governor of Perton Middle School and the South Staffordshire Learning Partnership (special interest safeguarding).

Running (up to half marathon distances).

Learning Spanish

Driving his children to/from their clubs.