Jane Brady


Called 2001 

CPS Grade 4 Prosecutor

Legal 500 2020 – “Builds excellent rapport with clients and is always thoroughly prepared.”

Public Access Accredited

Pupil Supervisor

Committee Member of the South Eastern Circuit

Member of the Criminal Bar Association

Junior of the Thames Valley Bar Mess since 2007

Women in Criminal Law Committee Member

Benefactors Scholar, Astbury Scholar and Harmsworth Entrance Exhibitioner of the Middle Temple

MA (Cantab), French and Spanish

Board Member of the Jo Cox Foundation

Manager of an U11 Football Team


    • Legal 500 UK Bar 2020 – Leading Individual in Crime on the South Eastern Circuit who  “Build excellent rapport with clients and is always thoroughly prepared.”
    • Legal 500 UK Bar 2018 – Leading Junior in Crime on the South Eastern Circuit who is “Very committed and conscientious; she goes the extra mile in every case.”
    • Legal 500 UK Bar 2017 – Leading Junior in Crime on the South Eastern Circuit where “recent cases include murder and serious sexual assaults”
    • Chambers UK Bar 2017 – “Has a wide range of expertise in criminal law which includes significant cases of murder, burglary, sexual exploitation, fraud and drugs. She demonstrates particular skill in representing young or vulnerable clients, as well as individuals whose first language is not English.”
    • Legal 500 2016 – “A superb advocate”
    • Chambers UK Bar 2016 – “She leads on a wide variety of criminal cases including those involving rape, murder and complex road traffic issues.”
    • Chambers UK Bar 2015 – “She is an excellent barrister, extremely hard-working. She really goes the extra mile, and digs around in the unused material to find the details that the other advocates would miss.”
    • Legal 500 2015 – “adeptly deals with young and vulnerable individuals”
  • General Crime

Jane is a very highly regarded criminal practitioner whose advocacy, case preparation and client care have always set her apart, both in Leeds where she practised following Pupillage and since 2005 when she moved to the Thames Valley. She was briefed to represent a 13 year old charged with murder when she was just 2 years’ call.

She defends and prosecutes the most serious cases for a Junior, often involving legally complex issues, expert evidence and vulnerable witnesses and defendants.

Jane is briefed in the full spectrum of criminal cases including murder, attempted murder, serious violence (baby shaking, s.18, armed robbery, kidnap), arson, bomb hoaxes, drugs conspiracies, fraud, burglary conspiracies, CSE, child cruelty, rapes and serious sexual offences, prison officer misconduct and complex road traffic cases including fatalities. She has worked for HM Revenue and Customs, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Health and Safety Executive and the Post Office. She has conducted complex confiscation hearings with success for both the Prosecution and Defence, due to her accounts expertise.

A tenacious opponent, she is a stickler for detail and disclosure and is determined to do justice to a case. She has only appeared 3 times at the Court of Appeal (which she sees as a good thing), all of which were successful including an entry in Banks on Sentence for R v G and M 2015 EWCA Crim 32 – Sex Offences with Children. Defendant aged 16-17. Post-guideline case.

Notable Cases

For the Prosecution

  • Advising pre charge on a complex Murder and Gross Negligence Manslaughter case. Read news reports here and here.
  • Successful prosecution of 2 Defendants for Child Cruelty of 3 children spanning more than 4 years and including allegations of sadism and strangulation. Read news report here.
  • Conviction of a School Teacher for Drugs Supply after a contested Newton Hearing. Read news report here and here.
  • Prosecution of 5 Defendants for large scale under-cover Drugs Conspiracy in High Wycombe area. Pleas to Indictment from all. Read news report here.

For the Defence

  • Junior counsel in 2 large CSE cases; latter case with 11 defendants, Defendant acquitted of multiple rapes. Read news report here and here.
  • Successful defence of very vulnerable woman accused of Armed Robbery; Defendant was granted an intermediary for the entire trial, she gave evidence and was acquitted.
  • Defendant charged with Child Cruelty of 2 children and multiple rapes of one child. 2 hung juries despite compelling witnesses and evidence, following which the Crown offered no evidence.
  • Successfully defending NCA Prosecution of Ms Rasha (wife of Kuqi) for Importation of Cocaine into the UK. Defendant, who could not speak English well, gave evidence and was acquitted. Read news report here and here.
  • Defending client charged with rape of a boy following acquittal for previous alleged rape of different boy some years ago. Jane contacted previous Defence Counsel and successfully defended the Crown’s application to adduce the acquittal. Defendant was acquitted of the more recent allegation also.
  • R v Merrilees – Successfully defending client charged with murder, aged 21, of good character and acting in self defence. Main witnesses to the alleged murder became defence witnesses. Reported in the Metro, Mirror, Daily Mail and The Coventry Telegraph.
  • R v Potter – Representation of Defendant charged with murder. 41 eye witnesses to prepare for cross examination.
  • Sole Counsel for 3rd Defendant in a 19-handed, million pound drugs conspiracy involving 3 different conspiracies and Police forces. Read news report here and here.
  • Junior Counsel defending an Animal Rights Activist in a 3 month trial in Winchester. Over 120 lever arch files. Only defendant of 8 on trial to be acquitted by the jury. Read news report here.