Naomi Dean



Called 2016


Ann Goddard Scholarship for publicly funded pupillages, Gray’s Inn, 2017

Lord Justice Holker Scholarship, Gray’s Inn, 2015

University of Law Performance Award for the BPTC, 2015

University of Law Wig Scholarship, 2016

Lady Barber Prize for Mooting, University of Birmingham, 2015

Runner-up in the Camm Cup Mooting Competition, 2015



Naomi was called to the Bar in 2016, after having achieved a First Class undergraduate degree in Law from the University of Birmingham.


  • Children – Private Law
  • Children – Public Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • Committal Proceedings

Children – Public Law

Naomi is an experienced Public Law advocate: she accepts instructions from Local Authorities, parents, Guardians and other parties. Naomi has experience dealing with very vulnerable care clients: clients with mental health difficulties and issues with their cognitive functioning. She prides herself on her ability to give clear, straightforward advice in these cases.
Naomi has experience making successful Part 25 applications when all parties, including the Guardian, have been opposed to the application.

Naomi represents parties at multi-day final hearings where the Local Authority have been seeking for the children to be adopted. She has successfully opposed interim placement of children into foster care. She has experience of non-accidental injury cases and has experience of asking questions of medical experts in relation to these injuries.

Naomi is happy to accept instructions in Care proceedings and is keen to develop her experience in this area.

Children – Private Law

Naomi accepts instructions from parents, other family members and Guardians in private law proceedings regularly appearing in the Magistrates’ Court, County Court and the High Court.

She has experience dealing with complex proceedings involving disputes over residence and contact.

She also has experience dealing with clients with mental health difficulties or cases involving serious domestic abuse, including sexual abuse and medical treatment of children.

Naomi has a particular interest in cases involving parental alienation and has experience dealing with these cases where a 16.4 Guardian has been appointed. She also has experience of cases involving religious issues, including where the issue for the Court has been whether a child should be raised as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Naomi also has experience in dealing with cases where the child suffers from medical difficulties where this has significantly impacted on contact issues. Naomi has experience cross-examining Social Workers, CAFCASS and a range of medical professionals.

Naomi regularly represents parents in multi-day final hearings, fact-finds and directions hearings, including cases requiring extensive written submissions.

She is keen to develop her experience in private children matters and has enjoyed a successful practice. For example, she has been successful in representing parents in fact-finds where findings have been made and she has also been successful in representing parties at final hearings and resisting orders for overnight contact and direct contact.

Naomi also has experience of cases involving jurisdictional issues, and has represented parties in the High Court and been successful in obtaining orders for temporary removal from the jurisdiction. She advises on appeal and is happy to draft Grounds of Appeal, if required.

Domestic Violence

Naomi has represented clients at final contested hearings in applications for non-molestation and occupation orders. These have often involved serious allegations of abuse, including sexual abuse. Naomi has also represented clients who face serious allegations of abuse and has successfully represented them and prevented findings being made. Naomi understands the importance of developing rapport with clients and prides herself on her ability to build trust with clients quickly.

Committal Proceedings

Naomi has experience of representing clients facing committal proceedings in the family court. She has experience advising on committal and making arguments for strike out of such applications.

Away from court, Naomi has worked on a pro-bono basis for the National Centre for Domestic Violence, therefore dealing with vulnerable clients is something Naomi has experience in.


  • “I was very impressed to see that a full attendance note was in my inbox this morning – please pass my thanks to Naomi, firstly for representing my client and securing a favourable result, and secondly for the speed at which she debriefed me – sadly we don’t always receive that level of service elsewhere! I will certainly instruct Naomi again.”  (Solicitor and Director, family)
  • “Thank you Naomi for your support and representation yesterday. Another excellent service from Cornwall Street Chambers, and a prompt update as well.” (Solicitor and Director, family)
  • “Please feedback the client really liked her very much. Said she was extremely bright and really good with the Court …I was also really pleased with the turnaround of the Order and Attendance Note.”
  • “We firmly regard Cornwall Street Barristers as an outstanding Barristers chamber. It has best class facilities and very helpful clerking particularly Matt and Vickie who are a complete asset to Chambers. We recently used Naomi Dean of Counsel who was strong in her submissions and obtained a better Order than what we and our mutual client was hoping for and at an earlier stage than envisaged.” (Solicitor and Director of Solicitors’ Firm)