Alexandra Bull


Called 1999



  • General Crime

Alexandra Bull has been a criminal practitioner for 19 years, and has been instructed by defence and prosecution consistently throughout.

She spent eight years at the Bar in London, before moving to Northampton and now Oxford. Throughout that time she has dealt with all types of cases, from drug supply through to serious assaults and attempted murder.

Alexandra has significant experience in conducting cases involving allegations of serious sexual offences, including the rape of very young children, and vulnerable adults.

She has been led on a number of occasions, including for a murder on a fruit picking farm; the Northampton riots; a slavery case involving a vulnerable 50 years old man who had lived with travellers for over 30 years, and an eighteen defendant complex drugs conspiracy involving significant cell site analysis.

She has also attended the Court of Appeal on a number of occasions, including most recently on the case of a defendant convicted of sexual activity with a 14 year old child.

She has experience of representing defendants with significant mental health problems or who are unfit to plead, together with the questioning of very young witnesses.

She is Grade 4 CPS prosecutor and is on the specialist CPS Rape list.

Notable Cases

R v S (2015) Defendant repeatedly raping his son’s teenage girlfriend whilst they both lived in his house.

R v F (2015) Allegation that Defendant sexually assaulted and then raped his daughter from the ages of 3 through to 21 in the 1970s/1980s. He was acquitted of all rape charges.

R v S (2016) Three girls ( aged 8-13) were all sexually assaulted over a period of a number of years by their ‘step-father’ upon visiting his home.

R v T (2016) The Defendant raped his daughter between the ages of 6-9 on three occasions, whilst she was living alone with him.

R v J (2017) A 16-year-old had fallen asleep in drink and alleged waking to find the Defendant raping her. The Defendant denied that she had fallen asleep and asserted consent. Acquitted of all charges.

R v B and others ( 2017) Conspiracy to burgle; four Defendants, fully disguised, conducted a campaign of burglaries across a number of supermarkets over a period of around four months, armed with crow bars and pick axes.

R v F (2018) Knife point robbery of male in street.

R v G (2017) Moped robbery by two males, both in possession of firearms.

R v R ( 2018) S.18 wounding; stabbing in the street.


Alexandra has developed a practice in family law, and in particular both private and public matters relating to children. She has represented the local authority, the parents and the children, in a number of cases, including those involving allegations of physical and sexual abuse and neglect.

Criminal and Family law often run concurrently in cases, particularly those involving children, and she finds that the respective experience she gains from both practices complement and enhance one another, to assist her in conducting cases of all types.